35 years of evolutions

The company was born as TreCi Salotti in 1972 with the aim to produce and commercialize padded furniture. Its fouders know the market perfectly, its evolution, its blind areas. They know that the value of a sofa is related to the quality and reliability it can offer, as well as to the ability to meet customers’ requirements.

In 1992, 20 years after, was born the collaboration with Egon Furstenberg, creating Epoque and, 10 years after, Quartet with a 30-years-experience. More than 30 years of experience have helped the company to consolidate its position in a market more and more demanding as well as to refine taste and to look for new production and marketing strategies.

Quartet distribues TreCi Salotti, Epoque and Quartet products, born of a close collaboration with its customers who know best the demands of the market and are developed by the company centre of design, presided by Cammisa Francesco (one of the owners) who cooperates with architects, designers and qualified operators. Each project, developed in the company, is born of a continuous research for new lines, technologies and advanced material, taking ito account the desires and habits of the people who live.

Nowadays, la Quartet, with the new organizational order and with about 150 employees, covers an area of about 25000 square metres. The company is working with an autonomous production unit which looks after the preparation and processing of the feather and/or expanded polyurethane padding, so as to control quality standards more effectively to satisfy any customers’ requirement.



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